In late 2014 we will be submitting another application for Advancement of a New Trait in TICA to Championship Status.  There are some that will taking part in a poll from TICA to see if they would like the MC poly added to the Championship Rings at Cat shows.  Some that are opposed have used the reason that the MC poly is not as typey and not as good as their non poly counterparts.  Roughly 2/3 of these people have Maine Coon polydactyls in the previous 5 generations and favor the poly to add heavier bone structure and provide enhanecment to the non poly lines.   

It may have been true in past years that the polys, as a whole, were not the quality of the non polys.  BUT in recent years the quality of the polys have rapidly and greatly advanced.  Today they meet the same standards as their non poly counterpart and are truly are a great representation of the Breed.   We think it will be very difficult for you, or anyone, to tell the difference without seeing their digits.  

Below is a picture of 9 good looking Maine Coons.  Can you tell which ones are polys and which ones are non-polys?  We are willing to bet $50.00 you CAN'T!  That right...it will be hard, if not impossible.  But if you are really good maybe you will win $50 (US Dollars) Gift Certificate from Amazon.  


In case of more than one correct answer a random drawing will be held to determine the Winner.
Unless you specify a different address in your email to us we will notify by return email from the
address used in your submission.
Please submit your entry to: pickpoly@polytrak.net
If you have any questions email us at: polystandard@polytrak.net
Members and Family of PolyStandard Group are ineligible
Winning results will be posted here when announced.